5 Reasons You Need to Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

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Cleaning the home from top to bottom does not guarantee that the environment is healthy. The air you breathe can be filled with mold spores, dust, dirt and germs that are coming from the deep crawlspace beneath the home. Below are the top reasons you should invest in crawlspace encapsulation.

The Air You Breath in the Home Equals the Quality of the Crawlspace

It is estimated that up to 50 percent of the air you breath on the first floor of a home comes directly from the crawlspace. If there is a lot of moisture, mold and bacteria present, this is what fills the air you breathe. Crawlspace encapsulation is the only way to make the air healthier.

Black Mold

Open crawlspaces are the perfect environment to help grow mold. Black mold has been linked to a higher risk of respiratory infections and cancer. Eliminating the cause of black mold is as important as ridding the home of what is already there. The presence of black mold is a hazard to every member of the family, including cats and dogs.

Moisture Control

High levels of moisture in the crawlspace will spread to other areas of the home through vents and the air itself. Bathrooms, kitchens and closets are prime targets for mold spores to land and begin to multiply in your living space. You may not notice this until it already has a foothold and becomes difficult to control. Encapsulating the crawlspace will provide the moisture barrier your home needs.

Dust and Allergens

You do not have to have asthma to be sensitive to dust and other airborne allergens. Crawlspaces with dirt floors will guarantee that dust comes right up into the home through the air. Not only is this hard to breathe in, but it can gum up your HVAC system and make it work harder.

Odor Control

One sign that your crawlspace might need encapsulation is to have a constant damp and dank odor throughout the home. Area with heavy carpeting are worse for trapping and holding in these odors. Investigate the crawlspace if you experience a moldy and musty smell in the home.

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