Why Comfortable Furnishings Are Important for Your Business

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When you open a business, you need to remember to invest in comfortable furnishings, as these are important to your business. How so? Read on to find out why comfortable, often refurbished furnishings can help you maintain a good work ethic and positive, happy employees.

Comfort Promotes a Better Work Ethic

When you are comfortable, you work better and for longer. Proven fact. However, if you work in uncomfortable circumstances, such as a bad chair or a shoddy, cluttered desk, you might rush or simply give up on your work all together. Comfort promotes a better work ethic because you feel good about where you are.

The Happiness of Your Employees Comes First

As stated above, comfort is good for a better work ethic, and this extends throughout your company. When your employees are happy, you can expect a higher turn-around on your work. As a result, your business will flourish, and your customers will notice a difference in the quality of your work and services. Comfort causes a cycle of good things, so invest in furniture that makes a positive impact and improves upon the quality of someone’s workspace.

No One Wants to Sit on Bottom-Hurting, Backbreaking Furniture

One of the worst things about starting a new job is the dread of sitting at an uncomfortable desk in a lumpy chair that hurts your back and your bottom. Ugh—talk about irritating. No one wants those kinds of uncomfortable conditions. So, as a boss, make sure your employees are well-taken care of with furnishings that cushion and support their backsides.

Comfortable Furnishings Are More Affordable Than You Think

You might be surprised to learn that comfortable, often refurbished furnishings are more affordable than the originals. Sure, they have been lightly used, but that’s what brings their original prices down. They are still comfortable, reliable, and perfect for your office building.

They Usually Last for Longer Than Cheaper, Uncomfortable Imitations

Refurbished furniture last for longer than the original, brand-new furnishings—as evidenced by their remaining comfort after years of use. The originals are often cheaper and uncomfortable, but the refurbs have new, better cushioning and stronger back supports. You could even snag a refurbished Toughbook for yourself.

As you can see, comfortable furniture can make or break your office space. But you don’t have to believe this article. If you need proof, do an experiment where you sit on the usual uncomfortable furnishings for a week of work. Then switch to more comfortable furnishings for another week. See for yourself which one is better.… Read More

The Confidence of Knowing Help is Close to Your Home

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As a homeowner, you have to be ready to act in your home’s best interest if or when disaster strikes. Out of all of the emergencies that could occur at home, water leaks and floods are among the most devastating and those that must be dealt with quickly.

However, if you are new to the area, you may wonder if help can be reached quickly or if you must wait for hours before a contractor from another city can arrive. When you want fast and professional water service Virginia Beach VA homeowners like you may take heart in knowing that assistance is minutes away from you.

Why Act Quickly

Water has a unique capability of inflicting some of the worst and most expensive damages to your home. Even if you can get the water stopped from the burst pipe or flooded drain, you still face having to dry out and clean up gallons of water that otherwise could cause mold and mildew to grow.

Stopping the water itself can be an undertaking that you are not equipped to deal with especially if you do not have the tools on hand. Even if you do have a wrench, hammer, or duct tape on hand, you still need to call a professional plumber who can respond quickly and take control of the situation.

A plumber will know exactly how to stop the flow of water and what it takes to get the worst of the mess cleaned. The water might actually not be coming from your drain but rather a backed up septic system in your yard. You would not know this, however, unless you called a professional to come to your house and find out for sure.

Saving Money

Dealing with any kind of water emergency can be traumatic not only to your nerves and stability but also your finances. The service that you call to your home may be able to work with your insurance company. In the meantime, you may want to save what you can now so that you have some money left in the bank.

The website makes available instant savings that you can apply to the bill. The discount may help you save a large sum of money until you can remit the bill and have your insurance company reimburse you. Your plumber may be able to tell you more.… Read More

5 Reasons You Need to Encapsulate Your Crawlspace

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Cleaning the home from top to bottom does not guarantee that the environment is healthy. The air you breathe can be filled with mold spores, dust, dirt and germs that are coming from the deep crawlspace beneath the home. Below are the top reasons you should invest in crawlspace encapsulation.

The Air You Breath in the Home Equals the Quality of the Crawlspace

It is estimated that up to 50 percent of the air you breath on the first floor of a home comes directly from the crawlspace. If there is a lot of moisture, mold and bacteria present, this is what fills the air you breathe. Crawlspace encapsulation is the only way to make the air healthier.

Black Mold

Open crawlspaces are the perfect environment to help grow mold. Black mold has been linked to a higher risk of respiratory infections and cancer. Eliminating the cause of black mold is as important as ridding the home of what is already there. The presence of black mold is a hazard to every member of the family, including cats and dogs.

Moisture Control

High levels of moisture in the crawlspace will spread to other areas of the home through vents and the air itself. Bathrooms, kitchens and closets are prime targets for mold spores to land and begin to multiply in your living space. You may not notice this until it already has a foothold and becomes difficult to control. Encapsulating the crawlspace will provide the moisture barrier your home needs.

Dust and Allergens

You do not have to have asthma to be sensitive to dust and other airborne allergens. Crawlspaces with dirt floors will guarantee that dust comes right up into the home through the air. Not only is this hard to breathe in, but it can gum up your HVAC system and make it work harder.

Odor Control

One sign that your crawlspace might need encapsulation is to have a constant damp and dank odor throughout the home. Area with heavy carpeting are worse for trapping and holding in these odors. Investigate the crawlspace if you experience a moldy and musty smell in the home.

Contact an expert remodeling contractor San Diego like Teknic Inc and get your crawlspace encapsulated right away!… Read More

The best choice for insurance

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Everyone knows that there are some known facts of life. These include death, taxes, and the need to have insurance. People everywhere know they must carry insurance to protect themselves from serious losses when an unknown event takes place, like a car accident or a medical procedure.

Insurance that covers an actual piece of property, like a home, comes with some factors that are open to question. The actual value of a home can change over time, depending on the home’s condition and the current housing market. Other pieces of property like valuable jewelry or artwork is also subject to change, depending on market factors. This is why property must be appraised in order to set a value on it for the insurance company. This is when an appraiser has to step in.

What Does an Appraiser Do?

What are insurance appraisers? What do they do? An insurance appraiser is the person who is called in when the appraisal clause in an insurance policy is invoked. The clause is the legal wording that states that if a policy and an insurance company can’t agree on the value of damages to a property, they must be appraised by an outside appraiser. The appraisers examine the property in question and give an outside, “disinterested” value to it.

Getting an Outside Appraisal

The big issue in getting a fair appraisal is one of being “distinterested.” An appraiser should be an utterly outside party that reviews the property in question, with no stake in the outcome. This party must be unbiased and completely neutral, with no association either with the insurance company or the property owner. Unfortunately, the reality of getting an appraisal is that often the appraiser is hired by the insurance company itself. Since this appraiser is acting on the insurance company’s behalf, and being paid by the insurer, they are already less than a “disinterested” party. This being the case, it’s to the property owner’s advantage to have another outside appraiser give their own review.

Luckily, today there are public appraisal companies that can act as outside and neutral parties in an insurance dispute. It seems obvious that using a neutral party is a much more fair and even-handed way to have a property reviewed. When there is a conflict over an insurance settlement, using an outside appraiser is highly recommended.… Read More